Presidential Management Fellow

2013 - Present

Certified Peer Support Specialist


Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans program - Graduate


Received the Lane Barrow Award for the business concept most likely to support Veterans


Baren Berg

A Few Good Leaders, LLC. was created in 2015 by Wounded Warriors for Wounded Warriors.  The journey of becoming wounded to realizing recovery continues to be the focus of A Few Good Leaders counseling.  Recovery principles of counseling psychology guided at the 3 E’s of Empowerment: Empathy, Employment, and Education are the primary objectives through mentoring programs.  At the core foundation of our values, we will lead, resolve, and empower.

It was mid-November 2004. I was on a mission with other Marines to pick up enemy prisoners of war, south of Highway 10, in the Jolan District of Fallujah, Iraq. We drove past the same green bridge where four U.S. contractors had been killed a few months earlier. As we neared our destination, we rolled up to where fellow India Company Marines were taking fire.  We stopped and joined the intense urban combat ambush that was in full swing. The horror of the battlefield surrounded me — Marines going down from enemy gunfire. As the fight boomed around me, the next thing I remembered was a smiling Marine extending his hand to pull me up. I had been knocked out from the concussion of an Abrams main battle tank firing a round. I got up and continued the mission.

The objectives of the organization are to focus on improving access to mental health treatment through the usage of telecommunication software. Developing a therapeutic bond between combat Veterans in a local way, leading to community integration. A unique approach; building bridges between public and private spaces, effectively advocating for the interest of those who have borne the battle.

Executive Director Baren Berg

A Few Good Leaders Counseling